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​Beyond the rankings: how to find the best international school for your child

Posted on 24th Aug 2018 in Choosing a school, International schools, International education

When it comes to choosing an international school for your child, you might be tempted to turn straight to in-country rankings to seek out the top of the table. But since international schools are all wildly different to one another, UWC (United World Colleges) take a closer look at factors that can make all the difference.

A guide to studying abroad ... a student writes

Posted on 5th Jul 2018 in School News, Choosing a School, International Schools, International Education

Studying abroad can be one of the most challenging yet life enhancing experiences to have, writes EF student Ansh Anand. It requires you to get out of your comfort zone and go live with a bunch of strangers, miles away from the place you call home. Even if you’re past the phase of looking for and applying to a school, this might still be of help for you. From looking for the right school/college to getting a visa, it all might sound really intimidating, but trust me, it isn’t. All you need is to take a few deep breaths and read this guide to studying abroad.