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Established in 1959, John Catt Educational is a publisher based in the UK which has built a strong reputation in the international education sector.

We have been publishing the official IB World Schools Yearbook in cooperation with the International Baccalaureate since 2006. This comprehensive guide to IB World Schools also features the latest news and developments from the IB. It is published in January each year.

We also publish a market-leading Guide to International Schools, which is published in July each year. More information on this guidebook and international schools can be found on the guide's sister website

International School is the magazine for international educators. It is published termly, in January, May and September, and features articles and opinion from leading figures in the sector.

The International Schools Journal, published in April and November, is a unique source of articles covering every aspect of international education.

Alongside our periodicals – including a range of UK-based school directories – we also publish an extensive catalogue of publications aimed at teachers and school leaders in international education. These include (click on the titles for more information from our online bookshop:

IB-specific publications:

Taking the Primary Years Programme Forward, edited by Steven Carber and Simon Davidson

Taking the Middle Years Programme Forward, edited by Mary Hayden and Jeff Thompson

Taking the Diploma Programme Forward, edited by Mary Hayden and Jeff Thompson

Exploring Issues of Continuity – the International Baccalaureate in a wider context, edited by Mary Hayden and Jeff Thompson

MYP – New Directions, edited by Mary Hayden, Jeff Thompson and Judith Fabian.

The World Class Schools series:

An independent series focusing on best practice in international schools, including...

Breaking Through the Language Barrier, by Patricia Mertin

Leaders of Learning, by Rob Stokoe

Learning in a Digitalized Age, edited by Lawrence Burke

Perspectives on Assessment and Evaluation in International Education, edited by Mary Hayden and Jeff Thompson

The Effective International Schools Series: Published in association with ECIS and CIS

Other titles include:

Taking the International Primary Curriculum Forward, edited by Mary Hayden and Jeff Thompson

What Is Education For? by Nick Tate

For the full range of titles, see