The benefits of an international education at a Nord Anglia school

Posted on 17th Apr 2024 in School News, International Education, International Schools

The British School of Beijing share the opportunities available to their students and the advantages of being part of a global network of schools.

For many, making the world a better place is a dream that they would perhaps one day like to accomplish. However, students at The British School of Beijing (BSB) Shunyi can take direct actions right now to make this dream a reality.

Through our collaboration with UNICEF, BSB provides students the chance to make a positive impact on the communities around them. This includes embedding the United Nations (UN) Sustainable Development Goals in all aspects of our teaching curriculum using materials developed by UNICEF. Students also have the unique opportunity to attend the annual NAE-UNICEF Summit at the UN’s Headquarters, sharing their ideas and efforts with UN leaders. After the trip, they will bring back insights and action plans to BSB on how to make our communities a better place.

BSB student Luca, who is now studying for a Bachelor of Hospitality at Hotelschool The Hague, said: “I had the privilege of attending the 2019 NAE-UNICEF Summit. Being part of such a wide and global community of schools is a truly unique experience.” 

Impacting communities and the world through our collaboration with UNICEF is made possible because BSB is part of Nord Anglia Education (NAE), a family of 81 premium international schools in 32 countries with more than 70,000 students worldwide. Through NAE’s global collaborations with world-leading institutions and organisations such as The Juilliard School, UNICEF and MIT, BSB can provide our students with unique life and learning experiences that help them mature into successful global citizens.

The MIT-Nord Anglia STEAM Programme 

Built into our everyday Primary and Secondary curriculum, BSB students tackle challenges and lessons created by MIT experts and develop skills that will help them invent the future. It opens our students’ eyes to the possibilities of science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics (STEAM). For example, in the Missions Moxie Challenge, Year 7 students have to overcome Mars landscape and build a life size model of Rover Perseverance. In October 2023, our Year 9 students Mario and Moritz are going on the annual student trip to the MIT campus where they will interact directly with MIT professors with students from NAE schools across the globe.

NAE-Juilliard Performing Arts Programme

Performing arts are much more than what is seen on stage. They encourage self-expression, self-awareness and the development of empathy, confidence and cultural exploration. Our collaboration with The Juilliard School, the world-renowned performing arts school, combined with our outstanding dance, drama, and music programmes inspires our students’ creativity, teamwork and resilience in our everyday lessons.

BSB graduate David who is now studying at King’s College London, participated in the Juilliard Summer Camp in Geneva, said: “The summer camp worked at a very high standard, striving to challenge every student. It has been wonderful sharing two weeks with some immensely talented people who share the same passions as you.”

Regional and Global NAE Events

NAE schools in different regions around the world work together to create new experiences and challenges for students to learn together. By showing them how far they can go, we ensure that students learn there's no limit to their potential. Students participate in many regional events with other schools in China including sports tournaments, Model United Nations, Performing Arts competitions, Mathematics and Coding competitions and many more.

A unique opportunity only for NAE students is our annual Year 12 students’ trip to Tanzania trip where they do charity work at the local community with other NAE students. BSB Jenny who graduated from Cambridge University in 2021 said: “One of the best memories at BSB was the one in Tanzania where I actually built school buildings and goat sheds and got to teach the local children. It was the first experience where I really felt like I could do something to change the lives of others."

So what makes an education with Nord Anglia special?

BSB takes a different approach to education. NAE students grow up with a well-rounded view of the world, a passion for learning and discovery, and life-long memories of achievement and leadership. In addition to academic excellence, an education at BSB means having the confidence, resilience and creativity to succeed at whatever our students choose to do or be in life.

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This article first appeared in the 2023/24 edition of John Catt's Guide to International Schools, which you can read here: