Globeducate's ICS Premium International Schools Group expands in Europe

Posted on 21st Apr 2021 in School News, International Education, International Schools

Globeducate's ICS group of premium international schools in Europe is expanding with three new additions in Rome, Nice and Côte d'Azur. ICS schools lead the way in Europe for innovative IB education and a vision to prepare students to shape tomorrow through developing intercultural understanding and engagement with the world around them.

Globeducate's ICS Schools, already established in Paris, London and Milan, offer either the entire IB continuum or an internationally recognised curriculum in Primary and Middle school followed by the IB Diploma.The ICS network of schools offers internationally mobile families a wider choice of school locations throughout Europe which offer the opportunity to continue their children's education seamlessly. These schools have become a dynamic and recognised platform and conduit for educational and cultural collaboration and exchange.

Globeducate CEO, Luca Uva, said: “There has never been a more important time for schools to be international – in outlook, character and form. ICS students are exposed to a diverse mix of cultures, languages and nationalities and a dedicated focus on multilingualism and fluency in English. The schools in our ICS group have a very clear international character and outlook, embedded in the communities of students, teachers and families. The experiences students have in these schools prepare them for exceptional outcomes which allow them to accept offers from leading universities and internship opportunities and to remain connected to their network long after graduation.

“Our ICS network of world-class teachers, all expertly trained IB practitioners, come together in teaching and learning communities and meet regularly to share best practice and to collaborate on shared learning projects. One of our key projects is developing an ICS STEAM framework, launching recently with a project we are working on with LEGO Education. In every possible way we unite these schools through transformational learning as well as through shared traditions and education. We are proud to offer families this exciting prospect for their children and know too that educators are inspired by our ICS vision.”

ICS schools not only develop the values of multilingualism, inter-cultural understanding and global engagement through curricula and CAS programmes, they come together as a community across Europe to unite students through co-curricular activities such as Model United Nations, Academic Olympics, International Music Festival and Leadership Summit and through wider membership of Globeducate's global group of 55 schools in nine countries, with its global focus on sustainability education and partnership with WWF and Eco-Schools

A student graduating from an ICS school is not only already part of an exclusive connected network of students and recent graduates, they are fully prepared for the world of tomorrow, they are committed global citizens who have already made an impact on their immediate, local or global community, and they are confident in their ability to mix with students and work with colleagues from other cultures and countries in the future.

Antonia Giovanazzi, Executive Principal at ICS Milan, said: “A meaningful 21st-century educational experience should equip a student with a deep understanding of the world, their community and their place in it. It should encourage healthy relationships and the creation of rich personal and cultural identities.Our students have extensive opportunities to look outwards, to develop the confidence needed to take risks, and to explore new strategies and ideas. We know that embedding these core beliefs and the ICS principles of Inquire, Action and Reflection at an early stage of education, and embedding it in every educational stage, fosters a culture of excellence and, across our network, we see students go on to reap the rewards in their success at graduation and in their future work, in their relationships and in their ability to shape tomorrow.”