The International Early Years Curriculum

The International Early Years Curriculum is a research-based programme that incorporates international best practices in the developmental needs of 2-5 year olds, and can be easily extended to include older children in settings and countries where early years education goes beyond the age of five. It is also a perfect tool for the transition between early and formal education.

The IEYC is designed around eight learning principles, each conveying a belief considered essential to children’s learning and development, and are intrinsically linked to a unique IEYC Process of Learning.

The IEYC Process of Learning

The IEYC Process of Learning provides a strong implementation structure, sequencing each unit. The process of learning captures children’s natural curiosity as a starting point and, within an enabled environment, balances child-initiated and teacher-led learning. Each element of the Process of Learning is linked to the eight Learning Principles, ensuring the IEYC beliefs about children’s learning and development are connected to all practices.

The IEYC Learning Strands

Underpinning all learning and development, are the IEYC Learning Strands:

  • Independence and Interdependence
  • Communicating
  • Enquiring
  • Healthy Living and Physical Wellbeing

Each unit has been carefully designed around a central theme, holistically linking all four Learning Strands to relevant and engaging activities that can be adapted and extended to meet individual needs.

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