The Advanced Placement (AP) program

The coronavirus global pandemic has created new challenges for schools and students. Visit College Board Websites for more updates to support students and educators in continuing the AP journey, even if their school is closed.

The Advanced Placement (AP) program provides an opportunity for willing and academically prepared students to take rigorous, university-level courses that help them develop the skills necessary for success in university and their future careers. Over 600 universities in more than 60 countries recognize successful AP Exam scores in the admission process.

Here are the full lists of institutions that that recognize AP in the US and outside the US.

Students who succeed on AP Exams also have the opportunity to earn college credit and/or advanced placement, helping them to reduce tuition costs and offering more time and flexibility to double major, study abroad, complete an internship or graduate earlier.

Check out this article from BBC Worldwide to see how AP helps other international students.

AP courses are typically taught in secondary schools, and AP Exams measure a student’s mastery of university-level course content. The program allows students to develop a global perspective, as well as skills such as critical thinking and problem solving. For each course, there is a standardized university-level exam that tests the skills and knowledge addressed in the course. AP Exams are administered in May of every year around the world, and are scored by College Board’s AP Program. From 2019, APExams registration deadline is in mid-November and administered over two weeks in May of the following year. The mobile-friendly digital resources and data support, AP Classroom, provides educators with free new instructional resources to help students master AP content and skills. In addition, the student performing data and educator professional development events empower educators to gain deep content knowledge to better guide their students.

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AP courses and exams are designed by teams of experts to match the rigor of real university courses and exams. Because of this, a student’s score on an AP Exam gives universities a globally recognized validation of their mastery of university-level content. 

To find schools that offer AP around the world, visit: and begin the search by entering a country in the ‘Ledger Search’ area. The AP Course Ledger is the official record of schools with authorized courses that can use the AP designation.