UK continues to attract international university students despite Brexit

Posted on 3rd Aug 2017 in University Study, International Students, United Kingdom, Science

Promising young science students from around the world are still being drawn to UK Universities despite Brexit, according to research published  and undertaken by the London International Youth Science Forum (LIYSF), which is taking place in the capital until August 9.

A survey conducted amongst existing and previous students of the annual event, which attracts some of the world’s leading science students, has found that the overwhelming majority of students (74%) said that the UK’s exit from the European Union wouldn’t dissuade them from studying in the UK, whilst 26% felt it might.

56% of students said they were hoping to complete their university education in the UK, 30% were unsure and only 14% of the respondents said they wouldn’t be studying in the UK.

The students who come from many parts of the world including China, USA, Australia, Germany and Zimbabwe said the key drivers for studying here were the UK’s recognition as a leader in higher education and the better university facilities on offer. Of the participants 87% felt that both the country and university you studied at made a difference to future employers although 84% believed education in their home country would be cheaper.

Richard Myhill, LIYSF Director said: “Clearly the calibre of British Universities is a key driver behind many international student’s desire to study in the UK. Brexit has created an unprecedented level of ambiguity for those in the science community but it is reassuring to see that the up and coming generation of scientists continue to recognise the opportunities available in this country.”

The two-week forum, which began on July 26, brings 500 of the globe’s leading young students to Imperial College London and the National Geographical Society where they share ideas, participate in workshops and receive lectures from eminent world class scientists. This year speakers include Professor McCaughrean, the Senior Scientific Advisor at the European Space Agency (ESA) and regular contributor, Professor Sir Roy Anderson amongst others.

Encouraging collaboration and introducing many up and coming young science stars to the potential of a science career in Britain, the forum continues to fly the flag for the UK’s science community as Britain exits the European Union.

As always, LIYSF will cover all areas of science (STEM), but this year the underlying theme will be “Science - Making Life Better” which will be considered on the opening day, in student debates and on the specialist study day. For full details of this year’s programme visit:

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