Royal High School Bath pupils compose positive pop songs for Children’s Mental Health Week

Posted on 11th Feb 2023 in School News, United Kingdom

Royal High School Bath’s Year 6 pupils have had a fantastic afternoon in our state-of-the-art music studio recording pop songs they composed themselves. To tie in with Children’s Mental Health Week, all the songs are about positivity and are filled with wonderful affirmations the girls came up with themselves.

With uplifting lyrics such as “I am a picture perfect painting with imperfections, I am standing here and I see, I am beautiful as me”, "If you don't like the road you are walking on, start paving another one" and “Sometimes you forget you are awesome, so this is your reminder”, the songs are sure to warm hearts and bring a little joy to everyone who listens to them.

For the past four weeks, the Y6s have been working in groups with Mrs Millard, Head of Performing Arts at Royal High Prep School, to compose the lyrics and melodies for their songs. They took inspiration from famous motivational quotes - a favourite was Oscar Wilde’s “Be yourself; everyone else is taken” - and brainstormed ideas before deciding what key words and phrases to include. Each group wrote out the lyrics in full and composed their melody. They then worked with Mrs Millard to notate the melody and add the accompaniment.

Mrs Millard, said: “We have an amazing culture of music here at Royal High School Bath, supported by the most fantastic facilities and resources. The girls absolutely loved the experience of being in the recording studio and I really could not be prouder of them.

“Each group worked so well together; every person contributed something and although each song was so different, they all had such lovely positive and encouraging messages to share. It was the perfect activity for Children’s Mental Health Week.”