Professional development & success tip #1: Invest in education

Posted on 21st May 2019 in University study, Spain, Switzerland, Germany

A good education will take you far. Not only will it allow you to stay relevant in today’s rapidly changing world, but it will also foster skills such as creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship, more in demand now than ever before.

Being knowledgeable about the latest trends, having an international mindset and being able to communicate effectively are worth their weight in gold in the international business arena. You can develop this unique set of skills and so much more at EU Business School. Here, you can learn from industry leaders and build a network of like-minded students while enjoying our vibrant campuses based in the cosmopolitan European cities of Barcelona, Geneva, Munich and Montreux, as well as online. Why EU Business School is the best option for you?

Apart from the common business programs, we specialize in a wide range of majors that cover exciting fields, including:

  • Sports Management
  • Leisure & Tourism
  • Digital Business, Design & Innovation
  • Communication & Public Relations

Building knowledge on these topics, along with a broad business base, can prove to be invaluable when trying to stand out in the job market.

At EU, students are immersed in real-world business environments, where business is brought to life through guest speaker sessions and company visits to organizations like BMW, the United Nations agencies, Siemens and UEFA. Our experiential method of teaching also incorporates field trips, case studies, business simulations and internships which allow EU students to gain first-hand experience of the inner workings of global business giants. Our students have had the pleasure to learn from industry leaders such as Jim Hagemann Snabe, chairman of Siemens and Maersk; Omar Berrada, CFO of Manchester City FC and CEO of Google Belgium and Luxembourg, Thierry Geerts, to name but a few.

Our English-taught programs in both traditional and trending areas of the business world are taught by our faculty of highly qualified academics, entrepreneurs, consultants and business leaders. Along with frequent company visits and talks from business experts, students are encouraged to work on their soft skills also. With a multicultural student community and faculty representing more than 100 nationalities, students are exposed to many cultures and languages, helping them foster vital communication skills that will aid their success on the job market. Additionally, students are offered the opportunity to maximize their EU experience by transferring between our four European campuses. They can take part in exchanges with our global network of partner institutes to further internationalize their learning experience in exciting cities like New York and Hong Kong. Having experience in the international business sector is one of the most sought-after skills for multinationals in a rapidly globalizing world.

The EU experience doesn’t end at graduation. With a 27,000+ strong alumni network, students can engage with the community to find mentors, make business connections or secure internships.

English-taught summer programs for international students

Our International Summer School is the perfect introduction to EU Business School’s bachelor’s programs. Here, students gain a fundamental understanding of all key business disciplines, along with social and cultural activities ensuring they make the most of Barcelona, a vibrant, sun-drenched city.

For students who do not yet meet the bachelor’s degree requirements, EU Business School offers an English Foundation program as well as a Business Bridging program to help students improve areas required for admission to the bachelor’s programs. These programs are a great way for students to improve their English language skills or to build an essential base of business knowledge that will ensure they’re prepared to successfully complete a bachelor’s program at EU Business School.

So, if you’re thinking about starting your own business or you see yourself managing a team at a prestigious international company, join EU Business School’s student community today! Studying at an international, professionally accredited and high-ranking business school is a great way to build the necessary skills, an innovative mindset and the lasting network of contacts you need to ensure success within today’s globalized business world.

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