Leman International School Chengdu celebrates World Arts Day

Posted on 12th May 2023 in School News, Arts, China

Leman International School celebrated World Arts Day as part of their STEAM program, a day that the whole school community enjoyed a lot. The students took an active part in the celebrations and showed their creative and artistic side by collaboratively designing, creating and painting murals around the campus. It was an exciting event that brought together the Secondary students and teachers for a day of art, creativity, and fun.

The World Arts Day event at Leman International School aims to promote the value of arts in education and the integration of the Arts into the STEAM program. It also provides an opportunity for students to express themselves creatively, develop their artistic skills, and highlight their talents.

Throughout the day, students from year 7 - 11 worked together in groups to create beautiful murals inspired by different aesthetically pleasing ideas. The murals were placed around the school, bringing colour and vibrancy to the campus environment. The students not only learned about the power of collaborative work, but they also developed their teamwork and communication skills while working on this collaborative project.

In addition to the mural project, the school also hosted a Global Campus Visual Arts Competition exhibition in the gallery space where the whole school participated. The theme of the exhibition was “SDG 4 - Quality Education,” and students submitted artwork that reflected their perspectives on the theme. The exhibition was a remarkable success, with a diverse range of artwork from students of all ages.

The exhibition was an excellent opportunity for students to showcase their individual talents and perspectives, and the whole school community came together to appreciate and celebrate their creativity. This was an excellent opportunity for students to engage in cross-cultural dialogue, encouraging them to develop a deep appreciation for the diversity of cultures around the world.

The competition provided an excellent opportunity for the students to showcase their artistic abilities, the competition was judged by a panel of professional judges including the wonderful LFA member Matie as the Leman winners will be awarded prizes that will be announced on Friday in Assembly and those winners will be entered into the worldwide competition where the overall winner from each age category will have their artwork printed and displayed at the UNICEF office in New York, during the United Nation's High Level Political Forum - a huge honour! The event takes place in July 2023. However, all entries will be displayed in a digital showcase that will be launched for the whole world to see.

Overall, the World Arts Day celebration at Leman International School was a great success, and the students and faculty enjoyed an exciting day of creativity, collaboration, and fun. The event provided an excellent opportunity for students to showcase their artistic talents while learning valuable skills like communication and teamwork. It was an opportunity for students to develop self-expression and creativity, while also learning the importance of being sustainable and socially just.