How to be top in IGCSE

Posted on 6th Nov 2018 in IGCSE, China

Taken in more than 4,700 schools in over 150 countries, IGCSE is the most popular international qualification for 14 to 16 year olds. More and more, leading fee-paying schools are choosing the IGCSE qualification for its rigorous curriculum and pass requirements.

What does it take to excel in these world class exams?

Eunseo Park and Hyunju Ju, students at YCIS Beijing, received awards from the Cambridge International Examinations Board for their IGCSE results this summer. Eunseo’s performance in the First Language Korean paper earned her a High Achievement Award. Hyunju was awarded the prestigious title of Top in the World for her full score in Additional Mathematics. We ask the star students to share their tips for preparing for IGCSEs.

Keep on top during the year

Try to stay on top of work during the year. Catch up on things you didn’t understand and keep careful notes from lessons.

Use past papers

Do lots of past papers, then go over everything you got wrong. Once you’ve completed the past papers from the last few years, you’re pretty set for the real exam!

Practise writing under timed conditions

Exams are all about writing and thinking under time pressure. As exam term approaches, start writing your essays or doing past papers under timed conditions.

Use sticky notes

To help you memorise quotes or formulae, write them on sticky notes and stick them around your home or at your desk so you see them every day!

Use your formulae

Rather than just memorising formulae, make sure you’re using them all the time. The same applies to quotes too. Test them out by using them in essays.

Make a revision timetable

When your exam timetable arrives, work out when to revise for each subject. Some exams have gaps in between them – that’s a good time to revise for the upcoming exams.

Allow time to unwind

Exam term is really tiring and it’s easy to burn out. Give yourself time to exercise, listen to music or watch a movie so your mind can empty! Also, sleep is really important.

Our warmest congratulations to Eunseo and Hyunju for their brilliant IGCSE results. We wish the best of luck to all students preparing for exams this year!