European University Business School announces new partnership

Posted on 5th Oct 2016 in University Study, Switzerland

EU Business School has announced that The Searle Company Ltd has been appointed as an MBA program mentor on its Switzerland campuses, EU Geneva and EU Montreux, for the upcoming 2016/17 academic year.

Focused on the pharmaceuticals and health care consumer industry, The Searle Company Ltd. is one of the leading healthcare providers in Asia, both in the manufacture and sale of pharmaceutical products. The pharmaceutical industry is currently valued at over $1 trillion dollars, boasting the development of lifesaving medicine with the most significant profit margins of any industry worldwide.

“EU Business School is the perfect partner for us, located in some of the countries we would like to move into ourselves. The international student body also makes it a great fit, they bring unlimited value to developinginternational strategies for our development," said Syed Nadeem Ahmed, CEO of The Searle Company Ltd.

With a history that dates back to 1888, the company is now present in 18 countries and is looking to expand further into Europe and Switzerland. The Searle Company Ltd. is owned by IBL Holding, a leading business group that is major partners of globally recognized and experienced multinational organizations like Wrigley, Kellogg’s, Johnson & Johnson, Lindt, Heinz, Red Bull and Mars, among others.

Through the partnership, EU graduate students will benefit from an exposure to best practices, develop hands-on experience and a more pragmatic approach to learning. The Searle Company Ltd. will benefit from graduate case studies that will be used to enhance their own development. The partnership will mean that the company will have access to a diverse pool of talent and consultancy in countries they would like to expand to. It will also provide career opportunities for EU graduates with offers of potential employment or internships.

For more information about EU Business School, visit its website.