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UWC Adriatic

UWC Adriatic

Località Duino 29, 34011 Duino-Aurisina TS, Italy

+39 040 3739111



UWC Adriatic
School type Co-educational Boarding Sixth Form / College
Founded 1982
Head of College Khalid El-Metaal
Date Appointed August 2022
Co-ed Age Range 16-19 years
Number of pupils 173
Two-year Fee €23,000 (scholarships available)
Curriculum IBDP
Language of Instruction English
Average Class Size 14
Teacher/Pupil ratio 1:7
Associations UWC ,IB, ASHOKA Changemaker School

UWC Adriatic is set in the seaside village of Duino, near Trieste, in an area strongly influenced by political and ethnic divisions during the two World Wars and just a few kilometers away from where the Iron Curtain once divided Western Europe from the communist bloc during the Cold War. By entering this arena of ethnic and historical complexity, UWC Adriatic has embraced an educational role of highly-charged political meaning and stepped into a world of extraordinary cultural diversity.

Since 1982 UWC Adriatic offers the IB Diploma standard courses, to which the College adds Arabic, several central European languages, Environmental Systems and Societies, Music and World Arts and Cultures. All students take Italian, though not necessarily as an IBDP exam subject. A particular emphasis is placed on the "service" component of its Creativity, Activity, Services (CAS) programme, with music also playing a significant role thanks to the presence of the International Community Music Academy (ICMA).

UWC Adriatic is one of the oldest-standing United World Colleges and has collaborative relations with many associations that lead volunteering activities in a wide range of areas. UWC Adriatic also capitalises its seaside setting on Trieste's karst highlands nearby the Alps to offer its students a host of related outdoor activities: sailing, kayaking, climbing, hiking and cross-country skiing opportunities provide invigorating and highly enjoyable breaks from academic endeavors during students' two years in Duino. The UWC educational model prioritises student initiative, so new student-led CAS activities are also encouraged.

The College has seven student residences, an academic building, a science laboratory and an Art Centre scattered around the village of Duino. Every residence is manned by one or more residence tutors. A fully equipped music centre is available, as well as sports facilities shared with local associations. Purnama House (a new residence currently being refurbished and used as a teacher residence and for isolation purposes), has formed part of the COVID-19 medical provisions since the 2020-21 academic year. The College also ensures that the medical staff are available 24 hours a day.


Students can apply through their UWC national committee or through the UWC Global Selection Programme.