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THINK Global School

THINK Global School

1460 Broadway #4027, New York, NY 10036, USA

+1 347 281 6855



THINK Global School
School type Co-educational Boarding
Headteachers Adnan Mackovic & Chelle Marshall
Co-ed Age Range 15-18 years
Number of pupils 60
Sliding-scale, maximum $94,050
Teacher/Pupil ratio 1:4

At THINK Global School (TGS), the world is its students' classroom. Learning takes place in a different country every three months, spanning ten extraordinary locations over three years. During their time abroad, students come face-to-face with global issues, visionary speakers, and international communities as they work towards an accredited high school diploma.

Through place-based learning, students at THINK Global School experience real-world issues firsthand and interact closely with the communities they immerse themselves within. Each eight-week term is held in a different country, so students regularly learn in the world rather than just about it: the community becomes their classroom, and its denizens their teachers.

These firsthand experiences are integral to the THINK Global School educational experience, as they breed empathy and cultivate a deep understanding of peoples, cultures, and surroundings. Better yet, they help develop the skills, knowledge, and experiences necessary to become the changemakers of tomorrow.

During their time abroad, students also build lifelong bonds with their classmates, who hail from over thirty countries and inform discussions just as much as the locations THINK Global School inhabits. By reaching across cultural and geographical divides, students at THINK Global School overcome biases while developing a deeper understanding of their shared humanity.


THINK Global School believes that the key to student engagement and success is a focus on three core aspects: mastery, autonomy, and purpose. Its Changemaker Curriculum was constructed around these three cornerstones alongside using place- and project-based learning as a medium for deep learning. The Changemaker Curriculum draws from this century's most innovative and effective educational models, combining high academic standards with interdisciplinary, project- and problem-based learning.

Teacher-led Modules

THINK Global School does not employ a traditional classroom dynamic; rather, learning is student-centered and focused on projects that explore real-world challenges. Students select from one of three country-specific projects at the start of each term, each designed to build their knowledge in a specific subject area. The following eight weeks are then spent interacting firsthand with local communities, cultures, and environments as they work in teams towards a solution to their project’s driving question. Learning cultivates each term with a project-based showcase, where students have the opportunity to share their takeaways with both the TGS and local community.

Each project is built around learning targets, which serve as the backbone of the Changemaker Curriculum. By constructing projects around learning targets, THINK Global School ensures that each student receives a comprehensive education, as satisfying each learning target at least once is a condition for graduation.

Personal Projects

Students also engage in at least one personal project each term. Through personal projects, students formulate their own driving questions and select the learning targets and 21st-century skills they'd like to focus on. It's an opportunity to pursue passions or tackle a subject they'd like to become more knowledgeable in.

Personal projects can take many forms, including completing an additional AP course, conducting scientific research and presenting findings, crafting an original piece of art, or creating a paper or presentation to document new understanding of an element of local culture or history.

Focus on Social-Emotional Learning

Due to its small class sizes, students at THINK Global School also receive a lot of individualized attention. They work one-on-one with advisors and counselors to ensure they have balance in their lives when it comes to academics, mental health, and physical fitness. By emphasizing a whole-child approach, students at THINK Global School are more engaged in their studies and more comfortable in their community and surroundings.

University Preparation

The Changemaker Curriculum goes above and beyond to prepare students for the academic and social rigors of university. By letting students guide their own learning and imbuing every aspect of their education with compassion and service, they're empowered to become leaders in their university communities and beyond.

An education at THINK Global School includes regular one-on-one sessions with a college and career counselor, designed to give all of the tools students need to navigate the university admissions process.

While over 90% of THINK Global School students go on to university, our faculty and counselors provide full support to students who envision a different route to success. Gap years have become an increasingly popular choice for students who aren't quite ready to leave the travel and experiential learning behind, and they provide an excellent way to continue building upon the skills they mastered at THINK Global School.

Many in-demand jobs also no longer require a college degree. Due to this, our faculty and counselors help students who demonstrate a natural ability in skills like coding or graphic design to navigate their goals and jumpstart their careers.