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The RiverBank School

The RiverBank School

RCCG City of David, Didelou Estate, Victoria Island, Nigeria

+234 (0) 909 859 872



The RiverBank School
School type Co-educational Day
Principal Mrs. Regina Jemide
Co-ed Age Range 2-13 years
Curriculum UK, SAT

The Riverbank School is an independent co-educational school with well in excess of five hundred children presently on roll. It is situated in Victoria Island in Lagos, Nigeria. We are a Christian school currently accepting children from 3 months (Creche) to Year 10. Our curriculum is that of the English National Curriculum - Early Years Foundation stage (EYFS) through to Year 10. Admission to our school is by way of testing from Year 1.

We have a vision of raising God fearing child leaders and we operate on sound moral values, which are right standing, integrity, vision, excellence and refining.

The most important thing for us is that children enjoy spending their time at school. They look forward to coming to school each day and we seek to empower our children with the confidence to express themselves effectively in both their public and private lives. We foster an atmosphere in which mistakes are not reproached but seen rather as an essential part of a child's development. We believe in playing to pupils' strengths; in drawing out what is within each person rather than seeing a child as a vessel to be filled.

Our nursery provides a highly stimulating and welcoming environment for children to learn through interaction with one another and adults. They learn through play with songs, games and through the enthusiasm of their teachers. We work in small groups and one-on-one with each child at the younger end of the school to ensure that pupils moving to Year 1 are:

1. Able to read and enjoy reading.

2. Able to write and enjoy writing.

3. Are able to enjoy school and are confident in their abilities.

Our pupils in the primary school are taught the skills of critical thinking and problem solving in all aspects of the curriculum. They look forward to coming to school every school day of the week because of the positive treatment they receive from their teachers. The teachers are facilitators who create an ideal learning environment for our pupils to explore their potentials.

Assessments of and for learning are essential learning and teaching tools for us. This makes it more than necessary for us to inculcate effective classroom questioning into our positive classroom practices. Our systems of assessment enhances the use of information to bring about improved decision making which results into better learning experiences for our pupils.

Our pupils do not only excel academically, but also display outstanding performances in music. It allows deep engagement and learning and sharpens the way students understand themselves and the world around them. Our school choir has performed excellently in both local and international choir games.

At Riverbank Secondary School our students mean everything to us. Our prime goal is to ensure that each one of them attains their full potential. The concepts of respect, motivation and achievement are fundamental and permeate every facet of life in our secondary school.

We know and accept that all of our students are unique individuals and consequently we keep our classes small enough to provide each with a child central balanced academic experience. Our learning is not confined to the classroom alone but students participate in a broad range of cultural and extra-curricular activities which complement and enrich their growth.

The success of our students is measured in a variety of ways, from their classwork, to homework, to computer based tests and of course the traditional end of term test.

At Riverbank Secondary each student is important and is carried along by our dedicated team. The development of a total child is our aim and we work towards equipping them with skills by offering a variety of extra-curricular activities based on the English National curriculum. We make provision for children with additional needs and the gifted and talented children.

Education is partial without sports. Therefore, sports at the Riverbank School helps children build character, improve their wellbeing and build their stamina. Team spirit and the self confidence of our children is also developed at the RiverBank School.

Our school is registered with Cambridge International Education UK, with whom our Year 6 and year 9 students sit the Cambridge Checkpoint Examinations in English, Mathematics and Science. The RiverBank School is a member of the Council of British International Schools (COBIS), The Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI), The Association of International School Educators of Nigeria (AISEN) and we have the International Schools' Award (ISA).