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SEK International School Online

SEK International School Online

Urbanización, Paseo de las Perdices 2, 28707 Ciudalcampo, Madrid, Spain


SEK International School Online
School type Online School
Co-ed Age Range 16-19 years

At SEK International School Online we believe that education should not have borders. That is why, for the 2023-24 academic year, we have launched a worldwide pioneering project to offer the IB Diploma Program online. This will allow Baccalaureate students to pursue their dreams from anywhere in the world. Whether they travel frequently and need flexible study hours, are professional athletes or pursuing a career in the performing arts, live in a remote area, or face unique circumstances that require alternative access to face-to-face education, this programme is designed for all of them.

We are aware that, due to various circumstances, students may have to access lessons regardless of their location. A purpose-built platform ensures the freedom to complete activities and review materials when and where it suits them best. A typical week consists of 2-3 synchronous sessions per day (recording available for students who cannot attend) and asynchronous activities guided by a teacher, which students do according to their availability.

Individual attention is crucial for growth. That is why we make dedicated and specialised tutors available to our students, to offer personal support and ensure they receive the guidance they need to thrive academically and personally. In addition, students also have a weekly group session.

Language should never be a barrier to academic achievement. Which is why we offer the programme in three language modalities: 100% English, 100% Spanish and bilingual English-Spanish, ensuring the greatest success in studies as well as safety and comfort.

In line with the SEK educational model, it is based on a dynamic learning experience, which revolves around discussion-based learning. Students will actively build knowledge and foster a sense of community with teachers and peers from around the world. Plus, they will have the support of a tutor as well as the latest technology at all times. This will facilitate communication with the entire school community. Parents and guardians have access to our MySEK platform to stay informed about progress, achievements and activities on a daily basis. In addition, there is a tutorial every term with the families of our students to discuss their progress, led by the students themselves.