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Hoi An International School

Hoi An International School

24 Phan Ba Phien, Hoi An, Quang Nam, Vietnam

+84 (0)235 651 8518



Hoi An International School
School type Coeducational Day
CEO & Founder Ms. Tran Hanh An
Co-ed Age Range 2-16 years

Hoi An International School provides our students with a learning environment where innovation, creativity, and learning thrive. The value of our school lies in the fact that the HAIS families and the extended community are at the heart of who we are. With over 20 different nationalities within our community, our school offers a plethora of culture; from the varying languages to the variety of traditions and beliefs.

At HAIS we strive to inspire the children in a safe, nurturing environment. We support the students academically, physically, and emotionally; facilitating their needs holistically. Our goal is to nurture learners who are: creative, collaborative, caring, confident, responsible and reflective.

HAIS is one of the first purpose-built campuses in Central Vietnam. When building our campus, we tried to combine our vision of holistic education with the heritage of Hoi An. Our vision was to preserve existing Hoi An structures and to create an environment that was functional, environmentally friendly and sustainable.

Our grounds are lined with lush gardens and feature large, open spaces; specifically designed to provide our students with an environment in which academics and creativity can thrive.

HAIS offers a complete educational programme that is meaningful, engaging, challenging and relevant. Our Programmes follow proven curriculums in the Early Years, Primary Years, Lower Secondary and IGCSE which are delivered by our highly qualified and experienced teachers.

At HAIS we are dedicated to knowing and understanding our students as individuals and treating each differently according to their needs. As such all our programmes are frequently examined to ensure that they are not just meeting learning outcomes but are also corresponding to real needs.

We offer two individual, yet united programmes at HAIS:

  • The Bilingual Programme where core subjects are taught in Vietnamese with an equal amount of time spent learning in English. There is a strong focus on developing skills in numeracy and literacy while encouraging inquiry and enthusiasm for learning. Although emphasis is given to global perspectives, our Bilingual programme embraces Vietnamese values and literacy.

  • The International Programme which follows the Cambridge curriculum and covers a broad range of subjects, including: English, Mathematics, Science, Global Perspectives, Art and Design, Digital Literacy, Music and Physical Education.
We also provide Additional Language classes (Vietnamese, English and French) whereby the student will grow and enhance their knowledge of the chosen language and culture.

All in all, HAIS programmes are structured to ensure our students have a clear picture of what they need to accomplish and are facilitated to foster the development of each individual learner so that individuality is respected and potential maximised in everything that they do.