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Hattemer Bilingue Paris 16e

Hattemer Bilingue Paris 16e

43 rue Decamps, 75116 Paris, France

+33 (0)1 84 79 29 99



Hattemer Bilingue Paris 16e
School type Co-educational Day
Headteacher Mrs. Anne Chocron
Co-ed Age Range 2.5-11 years
Number of pupils 129
Language of Instruction English, French

Since 1885, Hattemer Bilingue primary schools have welcomed children from nursery to CM2 (Year 6) in small classes.

Hattemer Bilingue has two establishments, in the 8th arrondissement, rue de Londres and in the 16th arrondissement rue Decamps. A secular and completely independent school, Hattemer Bilingue offers remarkable consistency in its programs. Many families enrol their children because of the quality and richness of the teaching method, the rigor of the pedagogy, and the professionalism and experience of its teaching staff.

A Bilingual School

The school has chosen to adapt its pupils to the world of tomorrow by enabling them to become fully bilingual. Hattemer Bilingue's mission is to lead each student to academic success with a high level of English, personal development, and extra-curricular interests.

Hattemer Bilingue schools have always promoted the values of excellence to allow its students to enter the fields of their choice and be achievers in the world of tomorrow.

Using their own teaching methods and textbooks, Hattemer Bilingue's instruction is based on mastery of the fundamental disciplines (French, Mathematics, English) and the diversity of the subjects taught (History, Geography, Science). By doing this, the school builds a solid foundation for successful schooling while developing its students' curiosity, adaptability, and openness to the world.

Extensive English Language Programmes

To prepare their students for the world of tomorrow in an international environment, Hattemer Bilingue offers them a genuinely bi-cultural environment and encourages them to develop their curiosity and openness to the world.

Learning and mastering English from the first year of school builds this foundation. English is taught daily in all classes.

- In the three nursery classes, the syllabus is studied in both languages, with 50-50 teaching (French-English) according to a timetable designed to meet the needs and pace of each pupil as closely as possible.

- From Grade 1 to Grade 5, English is taught for seven hours a week. The English programmes have been written by experienced, native-speaking teachers at Hattemer Bilingue.

In-depth programmes going beyond the offering of the French Education Nationale

Hattemer Bilingue primary schools ensure that pupils develop intellectually and acquire a good working method. Hattemer Bilingue also strives to develop aesthetic and human sensitivity, general culture and curiosity. At each level, its programmes are based on the expectations of the French Education Nationale and are enriched by them, particularly in French, mental arithmetic and, very significantly, English.

The traditional 'Grand Cours' takes place every week:

  • The Written Grand Cours assesses the written assimilation of the programme studied during the week.
  • The Oral Grand Cours builds on the weekly programme to familiarise pupils with public speaking.

The Grand Cours oral is accessible to parents (remotely or face-to-face). Parents can see what their children have learnt and how they are progressing in their speaking skills.

A School On a Human Scale

As an institution on a human scale, Hattemer Bilingue takes a personalised and individual approach to education, placing each student at the centre of their learning by nurturing their unique talents and encouraging personal development through the many extra-curricular activities offered.

Through a variety of extra-curricular activities, Hattemer Bilingue is committed to developing the artistic and human sensibilities, tolerance and solidarity of its students, values that are central to the life of both schools.

Hattemer Bilingue schools have high standards that have ideally educated former students, who have gone on to be very successful, and continue to meet each family's ambitions for a fulfilling and promising education for their children.