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Eerde International Boarding School Netherlands

Eerde International Boarding School Netherlands

Kasteellaan 1, 7731 PJ Ommen, Overijssel, Netherlands

+31 52 9451452



Eerde International Boarding School Netherlands
School type Coeducational Day & Boarding
Founded 1934
Director CEO Niki Holterman
Date Appointed January 2018
Co-ed Age Range 4-18
Number of pupils 85
Primary €7,800
Middle School Day €19,400
High School IGCSE and IB Day €22,650
Boarding €28,750 (excl. academic fee)
Curriculum IBDP, IGCSE
Language of Instruction English
Average Class Size 10-15
Teacher/Pupil ratio 1:6
Associations ECIS, CIS, IB, ISA

The learning experience at Eerde is international, intercultural and individual with personal attention for each student. Eerde is a place where your child can live, learn and develop.

Located on a tranquil estate in the forested region of Overijssel, Eerde provides a serene escape from city life and the traditional school model. Eerde is home for students from more than 20 countries, eager to embrace nature at every opportunity. While the main school building remains Eerde Castle, the classrooms and learning spaces are themselves deeply integrated into the surrounding environment. In addition, Eerde has convenient access to Amsterdam, The Hague and Rotterdam through easy rail and road links.

Eerde is an international day and boarding school that provides a learning environment where students are guided to develop their full potential. Our focus is to inspire academic excellence, stimulate inquiring minds and develop our students as active members in their community. In line with our school philosophy, our team of educational professionals are international and intercultural. Our school is consciously small-scale to ensure individual attention for all children. Our individual approach will allow your child to discover their true potential and will empower them to develop personal leadership and life skills.

Our boarders (age 12 and above) live in cozy rooms and are looked after by boarding parents, who are dedicated to creating a happy and safe home. In boarding we stimulate students to develop a sense of responsibility and care for one another. Boarders can join a variety of activities offered during the weekend. All members of our boarding community treat each other with respect, honesty and tolerance.

At Eerde there is no shortage of ways to stay active. Students can enjoy a range of team sports including basketball, volleyball and football, with the opportunity to join competitive sport clubs in the area. Aside from these, many students are involved in swimming, rowing, and most notably, equestrian activities.

Students at Eerde are encouraged to reach their full potential and become accomplished global citizens by stepping outside of the classroom walls and discovering what the world has to offer.

We believe that each students' potential lies within, we simply provide the educational tools, diverse experiences and encouraging environment, shaping their path to success.

Eerde is a CIS Accredited School.