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Dalian Maple Leaf Foreign Nationals School

Dalian Maple Leaf Foreign Nationals School

78 Caiyun Road, Xigang, Dalian, Liaoning, China

+86 411 6760187



Dalian Maple Leaf Foreign Nationals School
School type Co-educational Day
Principal Mr Jade Kersey
Co-ed Age Range 3-15 years
Number of pupils 200
Day fees per annum US$9,700 - US$20,500


Maple Leaf Foreign Nationals School-Dalian started in 2005, conducting the curriculum of BC, Canada. The school offers a full English teaching service and international education to Gr.P-9 foreign national children aged from 3-14. MLFNSD has also carried out three levels of courses authenticated by two countries so that students are able to function in and adapt to any of the educational model worldwide, to know China, to have the skills to be responsible citizens, and to make meaningful contributions to the global community.

International Curriculum

Canadian BC Curriculum has three key features that make up the foundation of learning: Content; Curricular Competencies; Big Ideas. Additionally, the Canadian BC Curriculum is student-focused and allows students to develop ownership over their own "Core Competencies". These areas include Communication, Thinking, and Personal & Social Responsibility.

Immersed Mandarin Class

The school offers students different levels of Mandarin and Chinese cultural classes according to their different Mandarin abilities using Maple Leaf Mandarin 1-9 developed by the Maple Leaf Educational System. Students who have great Mandarin abilities use the Mandarin Curriculum of China to meet their academic and language arts requirements. The school offers students Chinese Cultural classes which contain various topics like traditional skills, festivals, historical characters, traditional customs, national customs, food culture, etc. MLFNSD also offers students opportunities to take Mandarin tests of YCT and HSK.

International Qualifications

The School uses the Canadian BC curriculum and is accredited by the BC Ministry of Education. MLFNSD is a recognized BC Offshore School and undergoes rigorous annual inspection by the BC Ministry of Education. In addition, MLFNSD is also accredited by the world's largest accreditation organization: Cognia. The school is certified by the Duke Of Edinburgh Award scheme and hosts multiple international events.

Small class size

Respect individuals. Teach in accordance with student's aptitude. Multicultural environment. Care, Share and Dare.