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Cranbrook School

Cranbrook School

5 Victoria Road, Bellevue Hill, NSW 2023, Australia

+61 2 9327 9000



Cranbrook School
School type Boys' Day & Boarding
Founded 1918
Headmaster Mr Nicholas Sampson
Date Appointed October 2012
Boys Age Range 3-18
Number of pupils 1,500
Day AUS$19,500 - AUS$79,551
Curriculum IBMYP, IBPYP, Natl
Language of Instruction English
Associations HMC, IB

Cranbrook School is committed to academic excellence, inspiring students to strive to achieve beyond their expectations and to broaden their horizons. Our dedicated teachers encourage young people to engage enthusiastically with intellectual challenges and develop a life-long love of learning. We offer a broad, rich and distinctive education that equips young people to lead adventurous, courageous and generous lives contributing to the betterment of society.

We uphold the character of our Anglican foundation of 101 years ago in order to promote the moral and spiritual development of each student through robust pastoral support and a strong commitment to the principles of service.

We educate our students in line with the principles of the International Baccalaureate, with the International Baccalaureate's Primary Years and Middle Years Programmes currently in place across our Pre-Schools, Junior School and Senior School. The programme empowers students to inquire into a wide range of issues and ideas of significance locally, nationally and globally. The result is young people who are creative, critical and reflective thinkers.

It is our firm belief that when you set high expectations for young people, more often than not, they will rise to them. We work to build an environment where both students and staff all strive for excellence and aim high: through doing so, each member of our School community is enabled to broaden their range of experience, acquire strength of character and self-knowledge.

At Cranbrook we place great importance on cultural and artistic expression. Participation in these programmes aims to develop skills in leadership, performance, creativity and decision-making. We foster a love of the arts in children from Pre-School through to Year 12 and firmly believe that creativity is a process which must be stimulated, encouraged and nurtured.

Drama is an integral and thriving part of the School's fabric and the boys participate in a wide range of productions from Shakespeare to the experimental. From double bills to delightful musicals, Drama provides students with an extraordinary number of opportunities and audiences with unforgettable experiences.

Music forms a very special part of the Cranbrook community. Our vision is to provide a world class programme for a world class school. A programme which excites, inspires and encourages boys to dream, persevere and achieve.

Our sports programme promotes inclusiveness, opportunity and competition. Students are driven to challenge themselves through the development of their skills, training and conditioning, with a strong focus on balancing the comradery of team success with the satisfaction of individual achievement.

For those boys wishing to board, our two boarding houses provide the students with a strong, supportive home in an educational environment which epitomises creativity, exploration and a generosity of spirit. The boarding experience helps develop important study skills and the discipline essential for life beyond the school gates. Boarding provides endless opportunity to be fully immersed in school life, to interact with the whole of the Cranbrook community, and make life-long friends from all corners of the globe. Our two Boarding Housemasters live on site and have families of their own providing powerful pastoral support and instilling a sense that boarders are very much an extension of the Housemasters' family life. With the support and guidance of our boarding staff, Cranbrook boarders learn valuable life lessons in independence, compassion and companionship.

All Cranbrook students also benefit from an enhanced focus on education within the natural environment as part of the recently instituted 'Cranbrook in the Field' experience held at our experiential bush campus at Wolgan Valley and in the Australian Capital Territory. This unique educational experience gives us the opportunity to instil in our students the value of contemplation, camaraderie, reflection, conversation and wonder, free from the distraction of technology and city life. Cranbrook in the Field is the embodiment of our belief that all students should be given the opportunity to participate in educational and team activities to enhance their collaboration, organisational and leadership abilities.

In addition, through our diverse co-curricular programme, Cranbrook stretches all students to give their best and learn life skills in a nurturing environment, where self-respect and respect for others is fostered.

For those prospective families keen to discover if Cranbrook School provides the right fit for their son, we encourage you to speak with our staff, draw on the experiences of parents and students past and present and explore our School's educational offerings to make an informed decision about your child’s educational future. We have the utmost confidence that you will find a natural fit for your child’s enthusiasm and talents among the vast and varied educational opportunities that our School provides.

For more information about Cranbrook School visit www.cranbrook.nsw.edu.au or follow us on Facebook at CranbrookSchool or Instagram at Cranbrook_Sydney