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AMADEUS International School Vienna

AMADEUS International School Vienna

Bastiengasse 36-38, 1180 Vienna, Austria

+43 1 470 30 37 00



AMADEUS International School Vienna
School type Co-educational Day & Boarding
Founded 2012
Head of School Dr Jeremy House
Co-ed Age Range 3-18 years
Number of pupils 500
Day fees per annum €13,900 - €32,280 per annum
Boarding fees per annum €50,395 - €56,295 per annum
Language of Instruction English
Associations IB

AMADEUS International School Vienna is a unique day and boarding IB World School with an integrated Music and Arts Academy. Some of the AMADEUS highlights include:

  • We are in Vienna, the heart of music and culture in Europe and the 'most liveable city in the world'.
  • We offer an Arts inspired curriculum, and believe that music and the arts cultivate learning.
  • We are an International Baccalaureate (IB) Continuum School with Grades 1-12 (EY, PYP, MYP, DP).
  • We offer the IB Career-related Programme. This is the perfect pathway for aspiring professional musicians that enables them to balance their practice and academics.
  • We offer boarding in fully renovated historical buildings (since 2021).
  • We are a small community based on the values happiness, kindness and imagination.

The AMADEUS experience:

We stand for 'Educational Distinction'. This is represented by seven pillars in our logo and it is through these that we accompany young people as they fulfil their highest potential.

1. Intellect:

Learning at AMADEUS is inquiry-based. It addresses real-life challenges and cultivates critical-thinking, problem-solving, and presentation skills. We provide our students with the technical scaffolding that will enable them to master fundamental knowledge and skills, whilst nurturing the confidence to have agency in one’s world and put these to the test. We teach students how to think and learn, not what to think and learn.

2. Inclusivity:

The AMADEUS community is distinguished by its internationalism. We represent around 50 different nationalities and foster the development of global citizenship, cultural understanding and diplomacy.

3. Music:

We believe that education in Music and the Arts contributes to the development of well-rounded, creative and confident individuals while promoting engagement, teamwork and cultural awareness. AMADEUS Music and Arts Academy (AMAA) allows students at different levels to develop their interests and explore their talents in the areas of music, visual arts, theatre and dance.

4. Languages:

Development of language and communication skills in two or more languages is a key feature of the AMADEUS education. Our language of instruction is in English, yet we also focus on German as our host nation language. Chinese, Russian and Spanish classes are also available.

5. Vitality:

AMADEUS is a vibrant and healthy environment with fresh home-made food, lush green parks, spacious and light classrooms, and clean air. We believe that health and well being are the cornerstones for high-performance and leading a full life.

6. Virtue:

We take the approach of developing strengths rather than focusing on weaknesses. We engage students in programmes of mindfulness and emotional intelligence throughout the primary school and virtue ethics in the secondary school.

7. Aesthetic:

Students develop a quality foundation of skills in art, drama, and dance through the school’s required core curriculum. This programme emphasises an exploratory learning, creativity and expression; whilst fostering students’ appreciation of beauty, excellence, and wonderment.

Boarding at AMADEUS:

It is possible to become a full boarder starting in Grade 6. Boarding at AMADEUS provides students with a once in a lifetime educational experience. Together with the staff members we strive to make AMADEUS an incredible experience and major time of personal growth. The boarding experience at AMADEUS is fun and enriching. Our boarding students learn independence, leadership, and how to be part of an international community. Within the boarding programme there is something for everybody; our boarders have access to music practice rooms, academic mentoring, explorations of Vienna, sports training, and much more.

Since 2021 AMADEUS has a new fully renovated and exclusive Boarding House with capacity for 138 students. Currently, about 65 students (boys and girls) reside in separate sections and rooms are usually shared by two students and have a private en-suite bathroom as well as a study space.

Although boarding students live in gender-separated wings of the house, there are a number of common spaces. The cafeteria is located on the ground floor of Pfeiffer House, where students are served three warm and nutritious meals every day. On the third floor, we can find the Common Room, a comfortable and spacious social area for leisure, where students spend time relaxing and socializing. Next to the Common Room we find an audiovisual room and a music room, where students can watch films or sports on a big screen and play the piano.

About Vienna:

The AMADEUS campus is located in Vienna's 18th district, a green and distinguished residential neighborhood just a tram ride away from the city centre. Housed in a collection of fin de siècle structures, the school offers modern resources in a beautiful historic setting. Famous for its history, culture, and quality of life, the city of Vienna is both the federal capital and largest city in Austria, with a population of 1.9 million. Vienna is named "the World's Most Liveable City" by The Economist and "the World's greenest city" by Resonance, and most importantly: it is a safe city which affords our students the freedom they need to grow. With an artistic and intellectual history defined by famous residents such as Mozart, Beethoven, and Freud, Vienna lives up to its titles as the "City of Music" and "City of Dreams." The city centre is a designated UNESCO World Heritage Site, and Vienna's famed Imperial Palaces have long been a premier European tourist destination. Home to numerous high quality universities, Vienna is Austria's hub of international education and learning.