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Cambridge House Community College

Cambridge House Community College

Calle Profesorado Espanol 1, Santa Barbara, 46111 Rocafort, Valencia, Spain

+34 96 390 5019



Cambridge House Community College
School type Co-educational Day
Founded 1986
Executive Head Mr. Adam Hassoun
Number of pupils 1,700
Curriculum UK, Natl
Language of Instruction English, Spanish
Average Class Size 25

Cambridge House is a private, secular, independent school located in Valencia. We follow the English National Curriculum while meeting all Spanish schooling requirements. Cambridge House was the first school in Spain to obtain both the BSO distinction (British School Overseas) and NABBS accreditation (National Association of British Schools in Spain), seals that guarantee the educational excellence of this school founded in 1986. At present it is considered one of the best schools in Spain. We joined Globeducate in September 2021, as part of the Globeducate British International Schools cluster.

We offer our students a system of learning designed to foster curiosity and confidence along with imparting all the necessary skills and knowledge required to succeed in exams and evaluations. Our curriculum is designed to facilitate understanding of the world and the challenges we face.

English is the vehicular language of our school, and total immersion is achieved from the first day of school, in Early Years, although it is complemented with Spanish and French classes as the students progress through the school year.

Our facilities

The students have access to specialised classrooms for the development of specific activities, such as an art room, theatre workshop, laboratories, cooking classroom and an outdoor space with sports machines for the older pupils. Located on the outskirts of Valencia, in the town of Rocafort and close to a quiet residential area, the school has beautiful landscaped areas, which encourage the respect for nature that permeates the school community. The school is easily accessible by private transport, with two car parks nearby.

Students as individuals

Educational achievement is key to our philosophy, but we think beyond pure academic success. The English National Curriculum encourages students to explore the world around them, be curious about how things work, ask questions, apply critical thinking skills, and respect fellow students and teachers alike. Teamwork and communication skills form a key foundation to all our educational programmes. Additionally, all students are encouraged to become socially, ethically and environmentally aware.

We aim to prepare students for life after school, teaching them skills that will help them to succeed in secondary school, further education and the workplace. Learning experiences also take place outside the classroom; assemblies, cultural events and fun educational trips provide further opportunities to learn and develop.

More than just a school

At Cambridge House learning is not always about lessons. We offer a wide range of extra-curricular activities to choose from, exchanges and a full programme of international events with other Globeducate schools. We also encourage Outdoor Learning and rely on a House System to foster collaboration between pupils of different ages, team spirit, leadership skills and a sense of pride in belonging to a strong and committed community.